9 tips to packing light for the weekend.

Packing for a weekend away can be tough, but it’s not brain surgery, unless you’re a brain surgeon traveling for work, then yeah ok, I’ll make an exception for you. I can’t tell you exactly what to bring, a lot of that will depend on where you are going and how you dress. I see articles all the time saying: don’t forget your bikini (wouldn’t be caught dead in one) Don’t forget your black 12” stilettos (yeah I’m 6ft barefoot) You get what I’m saying. But what I can do is give you a few tips to help you get where you need to go painlessly and lightly.

packing tips

Here are 9 things to help you pack light for your next weekend trip:


  1. One weekend, One bag- Don’t be tied down by luggage. Get all you essentials into one leather weekender bag. Save yourself time and money if youre flying by carrying on instead of checking a bag.


  1. Make a plan! – Once you know where you are going, sit and make a list of all things you will need. There are many helpful articles online for packing basics that can be mixed and matched.


  1. STICK TO IT! – Once you have your list stick to it! Don’t deviate from the plan. One extra top leads to extra pants, shoes, handbag ect. Unless it is a vital item ie: medication, don’t add on.


  1. Give yourself time- Pack at least a day ahead of departure. You will be less likely to impulse pack. Allow yourself enough time to really think about what you need. Lay out all of your items on your bed to get a clear view of what you have. That will prevent you from double packing items or digging through your bag to see if your fav bathing suit is in there.


  1. Bring a small amount of laundry soap- Take a few mins each night to wash your own socks, underwear, light shirts ect. This will help save you a lot of room in your bag.


  1. Tuck and roll!–  Don’t fold your clothing. Instead roll it to utilize space. The tighter and flatter you can get your stuff, the more you will have in the end.


  1. Smaller is better–  Don’t waste space with your toiletries. full-size containers of deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste and lotions take up a TON of room. Go to your local dollar store and buy sample sizes instead.


  1. Shop it ya gotta- You are not traveling to the moon. As long as you have your vital essentials, anything else can be bought at your destination. And hey, maybe youll even get a deal!


  1. Leave the stress at home and have fun! 


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