6 Fragrances Your Favorite Celebrities are Wearing

Have you ever wondered what it feels to smell like your favorite celebrity? Don’t just stop there. You can actually wear a scent that Emma Watson loves or a fragrance that Ariana Grande keeps in her bag all the time. With discount colognes and fragrances from Beauty Encounter, you’ll get what celebrities are wearing without paying for the big price … [Read more...]

JenJenHouse affordable dresses for prom!

Prom is coming up fast, mothers and daughters everywhere are looking for dresses to wear at that special time that they will look great in and not break the bank by buying. www.JenJenHouse.com is a great site to find all your prom dress wants and more! I have never shopped on this site before, but I spent quite a while today looking around and they … [Read more...]

DressFirst.com Dresses for any occasion, prices for any budget!

So shopping online is something I LOVE doing. I actually buy quite a bit of my clothing online as I am freakishly tall and it’s hard for me to find pants. I was asked to check out DressFirst.com and let you all know what I thought about it. They say it’s a place to get dresses for any occasion…. including your wedding. I thought hmmmm, buying a … [Read more...]

A Guide To Women’s Watches

Watches are functional and fashionable accessories that pretty much add flamboyance to overall look and significantly boost overall style and profile. This is most true for women because we need to have timepieces that will complement a particular need or preference. Whether you need a fancy, classic, or sporty watch, getting value for your money … [Read more...]

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Leonisa Bra and Pantie Review

As a mom of 2 I don't get a lot of time for underwear shopping. If I take my kids into the bra section, my son literally turns green and starts moaning like he has contracted some kind of life threatening disease and will expire any moment. My daughter on the other hand loves bras and can't wait for the day she gets to wear one. So she is … [Read more...]