JenJenHouse affordable dresses for prom!

Prom is coming up fast, mothers and daughters everywhere are looking for dresses to wear at that special time that they will look great in and not break the bank by buying. is a great site to find all your prom dress wants and more! I have never shopped on this site before, but I spent quite a while today looking around and they … [Read more...]

All Natural Pur Gum Review!

Pur Gum recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out some of their “all natural gum” I said sure! Why not? I was a little tiny weenie bit nervous. Have you ever tried all natural gum before?? Well I have. A few different brands actually, and I have found them to do one of two things; Either they disintegrate into this grainy, kinda chewy, … [Read more...]

Wantable Make up Box Review!

Recently I saw an offer for bloggers to try out Wantable. Its a subscription box service that sends you 4-6 full sized items right to your door every month. Wantable offers 3 kinds of "boxes"; A make up/beauty  box as well as an accessory box and an intimates box. I got to try out the make u box and I was excited, cause I looove make up. I have … [Read more...]

HapiMomi app Review!

Imagine a social network for ONLY your family and close friends. Completely private and only accessable to the members you personally invite yourself (no more creepy friend requests from some guy who looks like the one you saw on America's most wanted). Sound good? Well you need to check out HapiMomi! HapiMomi is a simple to use app for IOS that … [Read more...]

Alphie the Squid App Review!

Apparently summer is over. Its been rainy and grey outside lately. I have been hiding inside the house with the kiddos where its warm and dry and we have been bored. Then I remember I had an app to try out and review! Let me tell ya hours pass quickly while you are battling sharks, eating fish and leading a baby squid around on an underwater … [Read more...]

Kingston Dog Bed Review!

Have you ever heard of Essentia? Maybe you have seen them talked about on Dr. OZ, Rachael Ray or Anderson Cooper? Essentia is a Canadian made mattress company that makes the only natural memory foam mattresses in the world! Think Tempur-pedic but all natural. Other mattresses on the market are made up from harsh chemicals that are not good for us … [Read more...]

Leonisa Bra and Pantie Review

As a mom of 2 I don't get a lot of time for underwear shopping. If I take my kids into the bra section, my son literally turns green and starts moaning like he has contracted some kind of life threatening disease and will expire any moment. My daughter on the other hand loves bras and can't wait for the day she gets to wear one. So she is … [Read more...]

Corset Chick Review!

I have always loved the shape a corset gives a women. They are beautiful, classic, feminine and super sexy! So when Asked me to review one of their corset tops, I thought heck yes I will, this sounds super fun! I was a little nervous when I went to pick mine out, I am not a size 0 by any means. I was so happy to see that … [Read more...]

Magic Moves Electronic Wand Review!

One of the coolest things about being a blogger is the product reviews. I especially love getting things for the kids and having them help out with their opinions on things. Recently I was given a Magic Moves Electronic Wand to try out and thought it would be the perfect toy for my 5 year old Ellie. Ellie and I worked together on this review and … [Read more...]

Beach Bocce Ball Review!

Fun fact about me (ok totally useless fact about me) I am a Bocce Ball CHAMP!! What is Bocce Ball you ask??? Well its a totally addictive game that is similar to bowling...You play it outside in your back yard, or like with this awesome Bocce Ball set I just got from You can easily take it to the beach. Which is great for … [Read more...]