Leonisa Bra and Pantie Review

As a mom of 2 I don’t get a lot of time for underwear shopping. If I take my kids into the bra section, my son literally turns green and starts moaning like he has contracted some kind of life threatening disease and will expire any moment. My daughter on the other hand loves bras and can’t wait for the day she gets to wear one. So she is constantly asking for me to buy this one, buy that one, oooh this has hearts mom, get it! The problem is, she is only 5 years old and can’t actually wear one yet, but seems to have no problem with loading up the shopping cart with Bras and underwear selections based solely on color, sparkles and hearts and stars with no thought to size or cost. So needless to say unless I can find 5 mins without a child in tow (which is very rare) I do a lot of my underwear shopping online.

I recently was contacted by an online retailer called Leonisa.com. They specialize in undergarments and shape wear for both women and men. They send me a pair of super cute embroidered lace hip hugger panties and a lacy push up bra to try out and get my thoughts on them.

012773_408_401X537_51These are the panties I got. They are SO SUPER cute. I loved them as soon as I saw them online. I had a heck of a time choosing the products I wanted to try out. They have a huge selection and everything is so nice. I really like these. They are exactly as the picture shows, the color is nice and bright and the accents are as well. I was worried about the embroidery embellishments being itchy and pokey but they are not at all. The are flush to the fabric and are quite soft to wear. These are a very light weight pair and work perfectly under my thin summer dresses not showing a lot of pantie lines.


This is the bra I got. I. LOVE. IT!! I can not stress enough how amazingly comfortable it is. Like

71292_795_401X537_2seriously! You know how you usually have 1 or 2 fav bras, your go-tos for when you are looking for comfort instead if style?? Well this one has made its way to the top of my list offering extreme comfort and serious style. I love the little rhinestone embellishments on the straps, as I wear a lot of tanks they look cute poking out. It has removable pads inside each cup so that you can choose how much lift you want. It is super stretchy and fits like a dream around my body. There is no digging or poking from the under wire or lace. I have a hard time finding bras that fit perfectly as I am a B 38 (i have a broad back) usually for me it is a size that is either not available or doesn’t actually fit like its supposed to and I have to add extenders to the back clips. This bra is AWESOME! And at 40$ Its a steal.

Their shipping was very fast and they even ship to Canada. The customer service I got was great and their prices are awesome. If you are looking for some super comfy underwear, or any kind of shape wear including post surgery, check out Leonisa.com. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to stay up to date on all their products and promotions.






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