When it comes to kids particularly on the younger side, there is almost no better place to go that will fill their hearts with pure joy and happiness than what is known as “the happiest place on Earth”. I am of course talking about Disneyland. Now what you probably may not have realized is that outside of Disneyland itself, there are plenty of other great things to do in the greater Los Angeles Area. It is for these reasons, just as much as it is the fact that Disneyland resides here, that Los Angeles is one of the top vacation spots for your family.

In most cases, Disneyland will be the focal point of any vacation that takes place in Los Angeles, simply because it is such a comprehensive experience. Back when I was a kid, there was only the main Disneyland theme park. But since then Disney has created the second adjacent theme park known as Disney’s California Great Adventure park. And despite the fact that this theme park was originally viewed as a fairly vanilla theme park in terms of the thematic relevance (focusing on California themes), the park has since become much more ingrained in the overall Disney “culture”.

Rides have increasingly been added that are based off of Disney characters or movies (such as Ariel’s Grotto), and new worlds have been added as well to really build upon. The biggest example before 2018 was Cars World, which became a staple for kids and adults who loved the Cars movie. But now, the biggest renovation in California Adventure is the newly redesigned and recently opened Pixar Pier, which is centered around great rides based on Toy Story and the Incredibles, both of which are long movie franchises with multiple installments, making them instant hits with parkgoers.

And that isn’t to take anything away from the original Disneyland park either. In all honestly, both parks are pretty fairly equal in terms of overall enjoyment, making going to Disneyland that much more enjoyable! When you take your kids here, you definitely will need to take them to both parks, and plan ahead as much as possible – this will help you not only get entrance tickets that are potentially on sale, but it will also allow you to book hotels at more affordable prices and/or ones that are situated closer to the parks themselves for less transit time to and from the parks.

But outside of Disneyland, there is still so much to do in the Los Angeles area. If your husband or kids are baseball fans, you should be able to attend either a Dodgers game or an Angels game (MLB’s baseball regular season goes from April to November). And these tickets are pretty affordable and always with a great view. Or you can go to Santa Monica pier for some great rides and games, including the beach which is right there for you to enjoy as well! And you can also go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and check out the Hollywood area, including all sorts of comedy shows at night if that interests you.

In other words, Los Angeles gives you everything you could ever want and more. Starting with Disneyland as the focal point of your vacation, you have all the tools to have an amazing family vacation if you make that destination Los Angeles!