When you think of spring break vacations and where young college students go to let loose, where do you normally think of? If you’re like many of Americans today, one of the places you are probably thinking of is Miami beach. This city in the state of Florida is really great for letting loose and having fun for young adults, making it a great place to go with your girl friends if you do get the opportunity to have some girl time away from the family.

What’s great about Miami beach is that there is a distinct day scene, as well as a night scene, which gives you tons of variety each and every day. During the day, you can obviously hang out at the beautiful beaches and look super sex in your swimsuits and feel beautiful from head to toe. In fact, while you are there, I would recommend getting a nice natural beach time, which is something that your husband will sure to enjoy when you return home from your vacation.

On the actual water, you can take your beach game a step further by renting a yacht (or becoming friends with someone who owns one) and party on the yacht. If you are able to have that sort of experience, be sure to take plenty of photos and videos because that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, and your other friends at home will definitely envy you for it. There are also a bunch of other more vanilla activities that you can do, such as going to the aquarium or checking out museums, but when it comes to having a flirty, fun and let-loose kind of vacation, spending your time at the beach (or out on the water) is definitely the way to go during the day.

Now, while having a beach party during the day is definitely a great time, it truly doesn’t compare to Miami’s atmosphere once the sun sets. With all sorts of bars in the area, you can definitely find a hangout to get your night started with some dinner and drinks. In addition, Miami is known for having a lively if not outrageously hardcore night scene (if you don’t believe me, then just remember that Justin Bieber got arrested a few years back for street racing in Miami), so it also won’t be hard for you to find a great club to party at all night long. The only thing to remember is to be safe – this means keeping an eye on your drinks (as well as your girls’ drinks) at all times, as well as looking out for each other when it comes to shady characters making advances on members of your group (especially when said member is already married – cheating has no place in a happy marriage!) As long as you keep those tips in mind, you’ll enjoy the fantastic night scene that Miami beach has to offer.

While there are plenty of locations that have great beaches, and plenty of locations that have a great nightclub scene, Miami beach is one of the few cities that actually has both, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any other city that does it better than them when looking at both aspects as a whole. If you make a girls’ trip to Miami beach, you and your girls will definitely not regret it!