Perfect time to Start Saving for the Summer

Perfect time to Start Saving for the Summer

The winter is coming to an end (almost) and days in the sun draw near. That’s right, summer holidays are right around the corner (nearly). While expanding your belly during the winter season, now is time to expand the size of your wallet. A new year means more opportunities and fresh starts. So why not learn a few tips and tricks to save extra pocket money for the summer months? Follow these easy-to-do cash saving tips and before you know it, there is a little extra to enjoy when the summer fun begins.

Every Cent Counts

Ever had a grandparent that seemed to be something of a “coin collector”? Atop refrigerators or hidden in closet shelves are jars of stashed away coins. Mini-treasure troves of left over change, which can add up to a nice sum of extra money for whatever expenditure needed to have fun this summer. Starting now, every purchase done with cash, and any loose change leftover should be stored away. Placing it back into your bank account is fine, but adding it to a savings account is better. At every paycheck a percentage will go directly to your savings—ideally 14% of your paycheck is the perfect balance. Go out and learn the saving rates from your local bank(s) and choose the best plan for yourself. Still, if you are one of those people that feel “banks can’t be trusted!” then the jar collecting is the best option. It is possible to save up $50 to several hundred dollars by the time summer rolls out.

Skip the Luxury Coffee House

As hard as it may seem at first, avoiding your around-the-corner Starbucks can help save you so much money. It is still cold outside and coffee is the best friend anyone could ever have right now, but that doesn’t mean that your friend should cost up to 20% of your paycheck throughout the week. It’s time to find new friends. Switching to an inexpensive brand of coffee with the same satisfaction of Starbucks is not impossible. You just have to be willing to look and accept that it’s not Starbucks. While there are “life-hacks” to getting cheap Starbucks coffee, in the long run it’s not worth the hassle. The best alternative is always to make your own brews with your own machinery. If you spend at least $20 a week on Starbucks coffee for a whole year, that comes close to a grand. So skip your Starbucks and head straight to your local supermarket for something equally delicious at half-the price.

Coupons and the Promos!

The subject is self-explanatory. What better way to prevent holes in your pockets than coupons and promotional sales? They exist for that very reason, to save you as much money as possible. Never neglect the power of coupons. As soon as you can, saving on items with coupons will save you an extra buck or several cents, but when June comes around, you could be looking at $100 of pure savings. It’s time to plan what you’ll be buying when the summer comes. Also, keep an eye out on special promos of any kind. You can even bookmark one of the sites like Discountrue that focus on the subject of couponing. Never hesitate to grab them. Most people never take advantage of them so there are plenty to choose from.

There are plenty of ways to save up extra money. It’s always prudent to put money aside whenever possible, even if they’re just a few cents. In the long-run they really do add up and become really useful when unexpected situations happen. If you have a large family that regularly earns a little bit of income, it can also benefit everyone to divide a percentage of those earnings into a small family pool fund after the holiday season ends. By the time the hotter months come along, there will be plenty to spare and this year’s summer vacation can be enjoyed without feeling the stress of going over budget.


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