If you’ve never tried sex toys before, I can tell you without a doubt that you are missing out. Even if you have a significant other who you have real sex with, you can still incorporate sex toys into your life. And in some cases, it can truly become your own personal “vacation”, as is the case for me personally.

Before you ask: Yes I am happily married, and yes I love the intimate moments that I share with my husband. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t desire a different form of sexual pleasure from time to time. The first great thing about sex toys are that they are something different. Take vibrators for example. While my husband can’t physically vibrate his “member” to get me off, a vibrator does that for me at the touch of a button. It is simply a sensation that I cannot replicate with any man in general.

And sex toys are not only different from real sex, but they are all different from each other. After having bought quite a few sex toys from blissfulcherry.com, a reputable online sex toy store with tons of great selections, this fact became very clear to me. Some sex toys were made of plastic, some made of silicone. Some had distinct vibration patters while others didn’t vibrate at all. And different sex toys targeted different regions of my body for sexual pleasure. This variety is what makes having sex toys so great – while my husband and I can vary sex positions from time to time, it pales in comparison to all the different sex toys I can choose from.

With that backdrop of sex toys in general (i.e. that they are different from real sex, and all sex toys differ from each other), it’s time for me to explain exactly why I equate using sex toys to having my own miniature “vacation”. For me personally, I view the human orgasm as a truly pleasurable experience – one that releases all tension and puts one in a better mood overall – both of which are similar to how one feels after a vacation.

Now, yes I do have orgasms with my husband when we have sex, but we don’t have sex as often as we used to when we were younger, and even then, orgasming through sex takes more time that I typically have available. So rather than let my own sexual well-being (and therefore emotional well-being as well) suffer, I can use the power of sex toys to give me orgasms in very little time.

With a wide variety of sex toys to keep things fresh, most of which are specifically designed to induce orgasm, I am almost guaranteed a satisfying release each and every time I use my sex toys. And best of all, I can often control how fast I orgasm – If I’m using a vibrator and have the need to get back to the “real world” soon, simply setting the vibrator to the max setting will make me orgasm in seconds. At that point, I am totally refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to return from my “vacation”.

While I personally am trying to find more time to have intimate sex with my husband overall, it is a great feeling knowing that sex toys can be used to give yourself the much-needed orgasms required to stay happy and healthy despite everything going on in your life. And that is precisely why I view sex toy fun as one of the greatest “vacations” that any women can utilize.