Tips to spend less on food while traveling

You can make a budget for almost everything while traveling, may it be for the hotel room prices or airfares or other costs related to moving around in the city.

However, you can hardly make a budget for the food you will eat. This is because you cannot finalize the eateries you will visit and eat, throughout your stay. There are a number of reasons related to this point.

Tips to spend less on food while travelingReason 1: The food isn’t good. You cannot taste their food items before you pay a visit.

Reason 2: It is not hygienic. Let’s move to another restaurant.

Reason 3: The food here is too expensive. In some cases, you can know the cost beforehand while, in a number of other cases, you cannot determine the cost.

Well, three solid reasons are enough to start our topic of discussion for the day – how can you spend less on food while traveling.

Listed below are some tips that will help you spend less, eat enough and stay healthy, while traveling.

  1. Check for quality and eat cheap: Check for the quality of the eatery and if you think their food is good in taste, they are hygienic, and the cost here is less than other eateries in that area, make this meal the biggest meal of the day. If you are stopping by, you can buy some easy to eat and easy to carry items from this eatery so that if you need to eat something on your way home, you can eat it without stopping, yet again!

However, you need to keep in mind a couple of points.

  • Don’t overeat. You cannot store food in your tummy for hours.
  • With the takeaway stuff, be sure that it won’t be spoilt in a couple of hours.
  • Do some research. There are places where you will get buffets and happy hours keep ringing on a regular basis.
  • Train yourself. If you have decided that your meal at a particular time should be the biggest meal of the day, train yourself in a way so that you can eat enough at that time.
  1. Inclusive meals: There are a number of hotels where you will get a combo package. These combo packages are usually cheaper. So, if you are sure that you will be roaming around the hotel and will be able to get back for the meals, go for this option; otherwise scrap this idea.

If you are willing to follow this option, here are some important points to be kept in mind.

  • Ask the management, whether the combo offer can be applied, after you check-in the hotel. This will give you the opportunity to taste the food in there. Be sure that the hotel food is good. You are going to eat it throughout your stay in there.
  • Don’t go too far. This might force you to skip a meal or to eat something at an outside eatery.
  • Check out They offer discount coupons to help you book a combo offer at a cheaper rate.
  1. Ask for suggestions: Moving around, you might be able to get in touch with the locals in there. Ask them for their suggestions and eat out at some of those places. Asking the locals for suggestions is a good idea because they know more about their locality and let you know about some great restaurants offering meals at a discounted price. So, ask them. You might be missing a gem, near your hotel.
  2. Plan your meals: If you want to eat at an expensive hotel, plan your meals. You can do this in the following manner:
  • Have a food budget. Be sure that the total amount you spend on food should not exceed this amount.
  • Adjust for the first few days, by eating your meals at eateries that offer cheap meals. NOTE: Don’t compromise on quality. You don’t want to spend your days traveling with an upset stomach.
  • Check You might find some amazing discount coupons to make your meals cheaper. This website offers coupons for a number of reputed eateries. Check it out and have lavish meals at an economical cost.
  1. Check the menu: The crowd’s favorite is mostly one of the cheapest items available in a locality/ restaurant. Check it out. Taste it once. If it is good enough, you can enjoy eating it a couple of times.

The advantages of eating the most common food items are:

  • They are cheap, so they help you balance your food budget.
  • They are tested by many.
  • They are tasty.
  • You can enjoy the local flavor and learn about their culture. That’s the main reason you are traveling, right?
  1. Hit the supermarket: If you feel that the food is too expensive in your area, look out for options and buy some ready to eat items from the supermarket. Yes, you might lack cooking facilities. But having an economical meal, once a day, you will be able to save some dollars to have an expensive meal later on.
  2. Travel snacks: There are a number of snack items you can carry with yourself and satisfy your hunger, to some extent.

If you are planning to have these travel snacks in your bag, here are some suggestions:

  • Simple Fruit and Nut bars. Tasty and, at the same time, easy to carry
  • Bananas and apples. They are amongst the healthiest sources available. At the same time, they are easy to carry.
  • Fresh, peeled vegetables. These vegetables should be sealed in an air-tight packet or box.
  • Trial Mix or Granola
  • Whole-grain muffins
  • Bread and Peanut butter
  • Organic Popcorn
  • Biscuits
  • Brown rice cakes

You can make random homemade items too. However, keep in mind that these items should not be perishable.
Concluding, you should be able to enjoy your meals while traveling and still be good on your budget.

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