A Virtual Visit to Bandung!

bandungBandung is the capital city of West Java Province, about 180 km southeast of Jakarta in Indonesia. The city lies on a river basin surrounded by volcanic mountains and is situated on a plateau 768 meters above sea level. Bandung is surrounded by a beautiful mountain range with a cooler climate throughout the whole year.

Bandung Basin is located on an ancient volcano, known as Mount Sunda. Two large-scale eruptions took place a long time ago; the first formed the basin itself and the second blocked the Citarum river, turning the basin into a lake known as “the Great Prehistoric Lake of Bandung”.

Bandung is the country’s third largest city by population, and second largest metropolitan area in Indonesia, with a population of a little over 2 million people as of 2010, but with a reputation of having a slower pace than its neighbouring Jakarta. Bandung city itself is very exciting place, with much to offer and is a very popular weekend destination for the residents of Jakarta. Bandung is a town full of many old art deco buildings with lots of interesting architectural details. Bandung well known as “Parijs van Java” because of the beauty of this city.

There are many museums, parks, a zoo, as well as many resteraunts with awesome food! Bandung is also a well-known place in Indonesia for fashion and shopping. You can shop in many factory outlets and boutiques around the city; you will find tons of hidden gems. Quality clothes, shoes, bags and much more, all in various famous brand names, and the best part is the price. You will love the savings. Many travelers say they have their best Indonesian experience here.

Beside those, Bandung still has many interesting place to see. Staying in Bandung is also easy on the wallet. I did some looking online and found on booking.com and Agoda.com so many wonderful deals on hotel rooms. Or as they would say; Hotel Murah Bandung which means, inexpensive hotel.

You can stay right in Bandung city in a beautiful hotel for as low as $43 a night! (I actually saw some last minute deals even cheaperbandung than that) That includes a standard (nonsmoking) queen room with all the basic amenities. TV, safe, A/C, Fridge, wi/fi, and more.  If you want to spend a bit more you can get incredible suites for the whole family with all your amenities as well as your meals too. A lot of times the lodging is one of your biggest expenses while traveling. Not in Bandung. The hotel pricing is great, and the rooms look and rate fantastic.

The people of Bandung are rumoured to possess uncommon warmth along with courtesy, friendliness and politeness. They are said to have a strong sense of helping each other when in need. If that doesn’t make you want to go somewhere then add that to the fantastic views, tasty food, exciting places to visit and the great deals on lodging! Sounds like a win win to me! So if you feel like making the trip, go visit Bandung. I also read that it is fun to travel by train, apparently the views are spectacular.


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