Water Fun in the Sun

Your fun in the sun can be taken to a new level by participating in the sport of wakeboarding. Wakeboarding combines the thrills of surfboarding, water skiing and snowboarding into one exciting ride. As you maneuver the wake from the boat on a specially designed board you can do many of the tricks water skiers and surfers have enjoyed for decades, plus those created by wakeboard enthusiasts. Tricks to get you started include surf the wake, the sideslide and the ollie. Plenty of time on the water and practice will soon have you advancing to aerial flips, spins and combinations of the two.

Wakeboarding fun is enhanced by a boat outfitted with a wake tower. Several types of wake towers are available with the purpose of raising the tow rope; thereby, offering the wakeboarders more elevation and time in the air to perform tricks.
Choosing a Wake Tower

If you are in the market for a new boat, several boat manufacturers have the option for an OEM wake tower ready for installation. If you plan to upgrade your boat with a wakeboard tower or plan to purchase a used one then aftermarket options are available. When you choose a wake tower make sure you take the style of your boat into consideration. You certainly don’t want to order a tower that won’t complement the look of your boat. Another factor to consider is where the tower will be installed. Although a common placement, not all towers are designed for installation over the windshield. Different finishes and possibly colors are also available depending on which wake tower you decide to purchase. Manufacturers use aluminum and stainless in construction. Some towers are easily collapsible for storage; however, some are not. If storage space is limited then a collapsible tower may be needed.

Other features you may desire are racks to store the boards and a place to put music speakers and lights to liven up the ride and jazz up your look. With so many choices to make, seek the advice of knowledgeable customer service representatives, such as those at Big Air, Inc.

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